Line Card


Per-Fit Metal Clad Cable Connectors – Water Tight, Non-Water Tight, and Hazardous Location

* Cable Lubricants, Cleaners, Conduit Duct Sealant & Degreasers

Commercial/Industrial Lighting including LED, Fluorescent, HID Industrial, Wall Lighting, Vandal/Vapor, Flood Lighting, Exit/Emergency, Security, Site Lighting & Ballasts/Lamps

* Rigid, IMC & EMT Conduit Bodies and Fittings, Liquid Tight, Cord Connectors, Flex Connectors, MC Connectors, Grounding Fittings, Clamps and Hangers & Service Entrance Fittings

* Complete Line of Copper and Aluminum Building Wire including NM-B, UF-B, USE, SER, SEU, Bare, THHN, XHHW, THW, MTW & TFFN, MC including Smart ColorID Aluminum and Steel Clad, MCMP, PVC Jacketed & Hospital Grade MC, Tray Cable & Irrigation Cable – Value Added Services include Custom Cuts, Paralleling, Single Use Crimp-On Pulling Heads, Bundling, Twisting, Cyclone Barrel Packs, Reel Deal Compartmental Reels, Reel Payoff Self-Spinning Reel, Colors & Striping – Cord Products including SJ, SJOOW & SOOW Cord, Telephone Wire, Thermostat Cable, Cat 5 and RG6 – Flexible Conduit including ABR, BR, LA, EF & NM – 99.95% Fill Rate

* Scepter PVC Conduit and Fittings; Kwikon ENT System; SceptaCon 2″ to 6″ sch 40 conduit for Directional Boring; INEXO Residential and Commercial Boxes for ICF Construction; Kwikpath Plenum, Riser, and Resi Raceways and Fittings for Low Voltage and Fiber Cable; SceptaLight Non-Metallic Compact Fluorescent and Incandescent Fixtures & Kwikflex NMLT Pipe and Fittings

Complete selection of Smoke and Fire Alarms, Carbon Monoxide Detectors, and Fire Extinguishers

Fasteners, Anchors, Staples, Fittings, Chemicals, Rope, Tape, Wire Carts, Hand Tools, Wiha Insulated Tools, Checkpoint Levels, CLC Bags, Power Tool Accessories, Gloves, Hydraulic Punch Kits & Safety Products

Ventilation fans, controls, and accessories, ultra quiet, energy-efficient, Energy Star qualified, ASHRAE 62.2, and fully enclosed motors

Rigid Aluminum Conduit, Nipples, Elbows and Couplings,
Stainless Steel Conduit, Nipples, Elbows and Couplings,
Rigid Galvanized Steel Elbows, Nipples and Couplings and EMT Elbows

* Complete line of SOOW, SJOOW, Type W, Type G, Type GGC, Welding Cable, and DLO

* Audio/Video Assemblies, Coaxial Cables, Thermostat Cable, Premise Wiring Cable, Fire Alarm Cable, Security Cable, Computer Cables and Connectivity Products, HDMI Cables, Irrigation Cable, Patch Cords, Patch Panels, Network Racks, Network Cabinets, Server Cabinets and Wall Plates

* Lamps, Light Fixtures, Ceiling Fans, and Accessories.
* Items are stocked in our Greensboro, NC warehouse.